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Monday, Fifth and sixth floors, 1pm
Tuesday, First floor, 1pm
Wednesday, Second floor, 1pm
Thursday, Third and Fourth floors, 1pm

Bingo will be held for each floor on specific days of the week. Fifth and sixth floors will meet on Mondays, first floor on Tuesdays, second floor on Wednesdays, and third and fourth floors on Thursdays. Come have some fun!

Strength and Endurance

Monday, First & Second floors, 10am
Wednesday, Third & Fourth floors, 10am
Friday, Fifth & Sixth floors, 10am

There will be a fitness class held for each floor on specific days of the week: First and second floors will meet on Mondays, third and fourth floors will meet on Wednesdays, and fifth and sixth floors on Fridays. Come and enjoy some morning exercise!

Boxed Lunch from McAllister's Deli

Thursday, December 10, 11am

McAllister's Deli will provide boxed lunches for participating residents.

Birthday Party for December Celebrants

Wednesday, December 16, 2:30pm

We will be celebrating all of our December birthdays! Come and celebrate with us!.

Video: My Christmas: Andrea Bocelli and Mike Foster

Saturday, December 19, 7pm

Residents will enjoy a video of Andrea Bocelli's holiday concert. Come and enjoy!

Knitting Ladies

Monday, December 2, 10:30
Monday, December 9, 10:30
Monday, December 16, 10:30
Monday, December 23, 10:30
Monday, December 30, 10:30

Special Interest Groups meet regularly


Friday, December 7, 9:30
Friday, December 14, 9:30
Friday, December 21, 9:30
Friday, December 28, 9:30

Special Interest Groups meet regularly

Writing Group

Wednesday, December 2, 10:30
Wednesday, December 16, 10:30

Writing Group every first and third Wednesday

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