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5 Reasons to Move to a Senior Living Community Before Winter Arrives

When considering a move to a senior living community it’s a good idea to move sooner than later for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons is to beat the inevitable snow and cold of winter. But there are many other good reasons to move to a senior living community before winter arrives, each offering benefits you may not have thought of before. Take a look!

#1 Avoid the mess of a winter move – Obviously winter is just not the best time to move when you live in the snowy states. And with weather becoming even more unpredictable a move to a senior living community before the snow flies is going to eliminate a bunch of potential problems. Among these are shorter days to complete the move (and many movers may even have policies that prohibit moving in the dark), ice on driveways, steps, and porches as well as roads can make loading and moving take longer which will drive up the cost, and the temperatures can be damaging to fragile items like plants. Still not sure? Check out a professional comparison in the article, “Summer vs. winter – which season is better for moving?

#2 Avoid the dangers of winter at home – Moving to a senior living community before winter sets in allows seniors to avoid the inherent risks of winter like slips and falls on ice, danger of hypothermia, the work and physical stress keeping driveways, steps and sidewalks free of snow and ice. In fact, according to the article,  “Shoveling Snow Injures Thousands Each Year,” the risks from shoveling alone are 4.25 times higher for people over 55 and can result in back injuries, broken bones, heart problems that result in death, and soft tissue injuries. Then there are the risks of winter driving for seniors which can make a simple trip to the grocery store downright dangerous. In senior living, winter is a breeze because almost everything you need is right on site and transportation is available to take you safely to local stores and appointments.

#3 Beat winter isolation – One of the best aspects of moving to a senior living community before winter is that once the snow flies, you won’t be isolated and alone anymore. Isolation is fast becoming one of the most recognized threats to senior health and according the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention article, “Loneliness and Social Isolation Linked to Serious Health Conditions,” may cause dementia, depression, anxiety, and suicide, and for those who have experienced heart failure, risk of death is increased four times, risk of hospitalization is increased 68%, and risk of emergency department visits increased 57%. Overall, social isolation increases a senior’s risk of premature death from all causes, which rivals the risks associated with smoking, obesity, and physical inactivity.

In senior living, residents can sit back and enjoy all the amenities available to fill those blustery winter days like staying active in the fitness center, attending social activities, and just spending time with others playing games.

#4 Get settled in before the holidays – The holidays seem a long way off but in no time at all they will be upon us once again with all the fun and family festivities that make them so special. But trying to move to a senior living community during the holidays can add a level of stress to an otherwise wonderful time of year. Rather than being in the midst of packing or unpacking over the holidays, making the move ahead of time means more time for decorating, cooking, gift buying, and entertaining in your lovely well-organized new home. Find out more about timing your move to senior living in the blog, “Why You Want to Move Before the Holidays.”

# 5 Higher likelihood of selling in winter – For those who want to sell their family home and move to a senior living community but think there isn’t enough time left, it may come as a surprise that selling a house after you move can be a great idea. For example, according to the article, “6 Reasons Why Selling a House in the Winter May Be the Best Decision Ever,” in the winter there are often fewer homes listed for sale which means there’s less competition and far fewer “browsers” and more serious buyers. And since many people get bonuses at the end of the year they may have more money available to use to purchase a new home.

For those who are in the process of selling a home but haven’t closed yet, they may want to consider a bridge loan to provide cash to make the move before the closing is complete.

At One Lincoln Park we offer many more great reasons to make the move to a senior living community and we would love to show you around and let you see for yourself. See for yourself the many benefits of living at One Lincoln Park – schedule your visit today.

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