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7 Fun Things to Do When the Grandkids Visit

Autumn is a great time for visiting with grandkids and there are tons of fun things to do together. Whether indoors or out, crafty or playful, grandkids will love spending time and making memories that will last for years to come.

  1. Pack a picnic – The cooler fall weather makes for lovely days that are perfect for picnics at a local park. Among the many nearby are Hills & Dale MetroPark with a picnic area, beautiful hiking trails, natural forests, rolling hills and creeks, wildlife, and historic structures throughout. Sugarcreek is another great choice with visitors can walk among oak trees estimated to be 550 years old, and search for wildlife while hiking the 618-acres park grounds. Not sure what to pack? Check out the ideas in the article “30 Picnic Ideas for Kids.”
  2. Light things up – Fall means shorter days so why not lighten things up by creating leaf lanterns? This is a great project for older grandkids who are into hands-on activities and all it takes is a few easy-to-find materials. And best of all it’s both an indoor and outdoor activity because gathering big beautifully colored leaves is part of the project. And best of all, everyone can make one to take home as a keepsake from a day well-spent together. All the directions are available at
  3. Get festive – Fall festivals are another great way to spend time with grandkids, get some fresh air and just have good old-fashioned fun! A great one is the Lucas Brothers Fall Festival in nearby Bellbrook, OH, held on Saturdays and Sundays from late September to late October. Among the many things to do with grandkids are hayrides, a corn mazes for kids and adults, a pick-your own pumpkin patch, a straw maze, farm animals, and much more. Food trucks are also available.
  4. Cook together – Cooking together with family is an ageless tradition that builds bonds and memories and creates meals and snacks to share. For little ones there are lots of easy and fun things to make that don’t require baking like those in the article, “48 Easy No-Bake Recipes for Kids” or maybe an older grandchild wants to learn how to cook or bake one of your specialties like a family favorite soup, bread or dessert. And don’t forget to write down the recipe for them to keep!
  5. Outdoor fun and games – Outdoor play is fun and lets kids enjoy the lovely weather and a little healthy competition. One very popular game is corn hole which can be set up to accommodate kids of all ages. Another great choice is Bocce ball which is best for kids old enough to handle the heavy balls, or lawn darts (aka Jarts) which are also for a range of ages.

Or when grandkids are all close to each other in age, a scavenger hunt in the yard with easy clues can keep them going and test their creativity while you sit back and enjoy! For some great scavenger hunt ideas, the article, “24 Best Scavenger Hunts for Kids,” can help get you started.

  1. Rainy day options – Just because the weather turns cranky, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun indoors. A good place to begin is with classic games like Scrabble or Monopoly for older kids or Chutes and Ladders or Candyland for little ones. Another possibility is a movie marathon with one, two or even three films in a row, depending on age and attention span. For younger kids the Ice Age movies (which older kids and adults will love too) are a great choice, and for a mixed-age group, Harry Potter movies never cease to please. Be sure to plan on plenty of snacks and beverages and even a meal in between showings to keep everyone satisfied.
  2. Pick a puzzle – Puzzles are always fun for grandkids of all ages and come in a variety of formats, not just the ones for tabletops. For example, there are word puzzles on paper or on apps, and brain teasers like riddles and 3-D puzzles that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. And of course, tabletop puzzles are a wonderful way to spend time together and are available at different skill levels like those at

Spending time with grandkids is always an opportunity to create lasting memories and it doesn’t take much more than being together to make that happen. At One Lincoln Park, we love hosting our residents’ grandkids and even plan events that include fun activities just for them. See for yourself the many benefits of living at One Lincoln Park – schedule your visit today.

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