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When to Consider Respite Care

Everyone needs a break once in a while and that includes seniors and their caregivers. That’s what makes respite care the perfect solution! Seniors in respite care can stay for a few days, weeks or months, while getting all the care they need and enjoying all the amenities of a luxury senior living community. If you are new to the concept of respite care, take a look at what it is and when it should be considered.

Respite care defined

As the word “respite” infers, respite care is a place seniors can stay when caregivers need a break. It can also be fun for seniors who want to enjoy a mini vacation not too far from home. Respite care is available with many levels of care and can be tailored to suit the needs of each resident for as long as they stay, but without the commitment of a move.

Seniors who need a little assistance, such as with personal hygiene or medication management, can enjoy the carefree but helpful lifestyle of assisted living, or for those with memory problems, memory care is another option. When a senior needs more hands-on nursing care, there is also respite care available in skilled nursing where seniors can recover and rehabilitate after an illness or injury. Learn more about respite care and when it can be a life saver in the article, “What Is Respite Care?

When to take advantage of respite care

  • Caregiver burnout – One of the most common reasons for seniors to visit respite care is when a caregiver needs time off. Caregiver burnout has become a common malady as more and more people try to juggle all the responsibilities of work, family and caregiving. According to the AARP article, “Caregiver Burnout: Steps for Coping With Stress,” caregivers are subject to a range of physical and mental conditions and one 2021 study revealed 42% of family caregivers reported depression, mood swings or resentment, 30% reported sleep deprivation, and 43% said caregiving had a negative impact on their relationship with their significant other.

Because caregivers often put their own needs last they may fail to look out for their own health and well-being and become ill, making caregiving even more stressful. For others their careers may be impacted further complicating the situation.

  • Family emergencies – Life happens and when a family emergency occurs caregivers can quickly become overwhelmed. For example, a sick child or spouse can force a caregiver to have to decide who to care for or maybe the caregiver themselves needs care and cannot continue their duties at that time. Respite care can help ease the way by providing a safe place with compassionate care while taking the weight off family so they have time to get through the crisis at hand. For tips on managing emergencies as a caregiver, check out the AARP article, “Caring for Loved Ones in Cases of Emergency.”
  • Time to recover – When a senior becomes ill, injured or has surgery, respite care can make recovery easier and faster for everyone. Whether it is needed short or long term, seniors in respite care can receive around-the-clock care from professionals who will work with their physician to help them recuperate and get home as soon as possible. Families can also breathe easy knowing their loved one is in good hands and take a little time to rest themselves.
  • Take a trial run – Another good reason to visit respite care is to find out if a senior living community is a good fit for you or your loved one, before making a commitment. Many seniors who visit respite care are surprised to find out how much fun it is to live in a thriving community where the lifestyle is healthy, friends are plenty, and every day offers something new to do like take a class, play a game, join a club, or just enjoy Happy Hour with new friends. Sometimes it’s even hard to go home, where visitors are few and far between and the hours drag by. Find out why a move to senior living can be one of the best moves you will ever make in our blog, “Socialization and Seniors: Why It’s Key to Health and Happiness.”

At One Lincoln Park we strive to offer the best of luxury senior living in a caring and compassionate environment. Whether you or a loved one prefers independent living or needs a little or a lot of help, there is a home waiting at One Lincoln Park.

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