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a group of people spending time together

7 Fun Things to Do When the Grandkids Visit

Autumn is a great time for visiting with grandkids and there are tons of fun things to do together. Whether indoors or out, crafty or playful, grandkids will love spending time and making memories that will last for years to…

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Doctor sharing information with patient

4 Tips for Seniors to Manage Arthritis

Arthritis is one of the most common afflictions in older adults, with the Centers for Disease Control and Preventionnoting that “Of people aged 65 years or older, 49% ever reported doctor-diagnosed arthritis.” Not surprisingly, arthritis isn’t just one condition but…

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two people sitting at a table eating food

Snack Your Way to Better Senior Health

Snacking happens! For many older adults snacking is a good idea, especially if the snacks are healthy ones. Keeping salt and sugar low, while boosting protein, vitamins, and minerals in snack choices can be a healthy way to bolster a…

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a group of residents exercising

Setting and Keeping Fitness Goals for Seniors

Exercise is essential to health, and for seniors, it is especially important. As we age, our bodies lose muscle mass, bones weaken, and balance and agility decrease. But by exercising regularly, seniors can rebuild and sustain their health and physical…

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